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We get results for young adults ready to master their emotions, overcome blocks holding them back, and strengthen their confidence and relationships in all areas of life.  We also provide vital coaching for parents.

Families that grow together, stay together!

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Meet Coach Caroline

     I’m Caroline Pereira. Thank you for stopping by BadassU. We're committed to making immediate and lasting transformational impacts on young adults and parents.
     For the past decade, I've focused my coaching practice on training young adults to take control of their own futures with strategies and tools to immediately overcome what's holding them back. The individual transformations I’ve seen from our solutions have been among the most gratifying rewards in my life.     
     Over the years, I've learned that commitment to online training combined with either individual or group coaching provides the essential framework for lasting breakthroughs. 

So, are you ready to feel the power of a badass mindset? Let's go.

Training Solutions

Mindset Mastery Course

Everyone kicks off with a online mindset mastery course called, Paramount Life Skills & Strategies, that teaches core tools for effective living in all areas of life, from habits to relationships to emotions. Paramount sets the core foundation that we build upon in discussion and coaching sessions.

 Group Coaching

Course takers can upgrade to a monthly membership and meet online (weekly) to get coached, and discuss relevant subject matter for taking their lives to the next level. Members are encouraged to share their own thoughts and situations and receive direct, expert guidance.

1-on-1 Coaching

Members have the opportunity to engage directly in 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our Master Results Coach, Caroline Pereira. In these sessions, members go deep with Caroline to address what's holding them back and embrace personal, career and life goals. 

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“BadassU has given me an edge in life. It’s that extra piece of guidance I needed. It’s a  special group of people that Caroline has gathered. The way she leads us to positive change is masterful.”

- Evan from California

“Having BadassU as a safe place to grow has been an unbelievable gift. Not only do I get expert coaching,
but I also get to learn from my friends. It’s an amazing and rewarding experience.”

- Emma from Arizona

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