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BadassU is a membership and training community for young adults to thrive in all areas of their life. You're likely searching for the secret sauce to ignite the potential you know is within them.

Well, you've found it! 

BadassU is the place where young adults gain the essential mindset tools and strategies not taught in school, the workplace or at home. We believe that mindset training is as vital as a daily exercise. At BadassU, your son/daughter will discover what they really want in life, how to manage their emotions and relationships, and apply the breakthroughs and growth transformations they'll experience along the way at BadassU.

For those young adults that may need or respond to personal coaching, we also offer one-on-one coaching (over zoom or in person). Feel free to schedule a call with Master Life Coach, Caroline Pereira, to discuss the best game plan for your son or daughter.

Finally, you're invited to watch my "Empowered Youth" master class, and become a member of our private Facebook group - Parents for Thriving Young Adults.  As you prepare to take action, this group will be helpful.

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