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Caroline Pereira is the founder of BadassU and specializes in empowering young adults to gain clarity and certainty about what they want in their lives, how to remove the blocks keeping them stuck, and how to incorporate powerful strategies and tools that will allow them to take immediate action so they can thrive in all areas of their lives. 

As a mother of 3 young adults herself, Caroline knows firsthand exactly what families are going through with their children today when it comes to the pressures and forces of transitioning from youth to adulthood. Her counsel and approach are custom designed to set clients up for success early on in life when transformation is needed most and can foster lasting impact. 

Caroline’s clients walk away with a new, positive mindset that will give them the confidence and capability to deal with any challenging situation they encounter.

Certified as a Robbins-Madanes Strategic Interventionist and Life Coach for over 10 years,  She also co-founded Riverstone International School, one of the top International Baccalaureate Schools in the Northwest. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Knox School in Santa Barbara, and is a graduate from the Cate School and UC Berkeley.

She lives in beautiful Santa Barbara where she spends her free time designing jewelry, reading, hiking, doing yoga, and keeping closely connected with her family members and friends.

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What families say about Caroline

“I don’t understand how you do what you do, Caroline, but the magic you have worked with our son has been nothing short of miraculous. Thank you so much for everything.” BF (mom)

“Caroline! Just a positive FYI, our son was so much happier last night and this morning after his first meeting with you. He was on the phone with a friend from school yesterday and was telling him all about working with a life coach and how much he was enjoying it. Just thought you should know some of the behind-the-scenes good stuff!” -Barbara F (mom)

“Both of my girls are obsessed with Caroline. She has helped them so much, I just can’t believe their growth.” -Jennifer S (mom)

“Feedback from our son has been really wonderful. Can’t thank you enough. Huge deal. Are you able to take on another client- his cousin? He’s struggling with establishing a career path and could use some Badass coaching!” DF (dad)

“Our son is really responding to your coaching in a big way. He called to let us know that therapy has really helped him understand his emotions, but coaching is really helping him know what actions to take to get what he wants. He feels he needs you more than the therapy now and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done for him.” Kelly (mom)

 “Caroline gave me these amazing tools that helped me get really clear on what I want, why I want it, and how to find the energy and right strategies to make the changes I needed to have the great life I have now. I have found the man of my dreams and I am so happy at my work. I needed Caroline to help me get there." -Andrea L.  

 “I am happy to say that Caroline took me from a place of despair in my relationship and career to feeling completely empowered that I could take my life back, be the best at what I do in my industry, and create and navigate a powerful vision and roadmap for my future.” -Liz W.


 “Caroline has done a great job of giving me the confidence I need to make clear and powerful decisions in my personal life and my career. I have learned how to stay calm, level-headed and courageous as I navigate through really challenging times. She gives sound advice on pretty much every issue imaginable while treating everyone with true compassion and genuine concern for our well-being.” -Morgan R.

 "After working with Caroline, I felt like she saved me! I was so confused and devastated about my breakup with my girlfriend that everything in my life was upside down, and I couldn't make sense of anything. I couldn't focus on my work or what I should do next, or why my relationship ended so abruptly. I just kept wondering what I did wrong. Caroline helped me organize my thoughts, emotions, and feelings about myself and my situation. She just helped me make sense of everything so I could continue to grow as a person, get stronger everyday, and make peace with my situation. I'm just so much happier now that I can clearly focus on creating a meaningful life with people who align with what I value." -Thomas R

"Working in a very competitive atmosphere, I felt overwhelmed. Caroline helped me figure out what was driving my reactions to circumstances, and then helped me tap into my greatest energy to make really clear and empowering decisions. It was an amazing shift for me. Coaching really gives you that ever important edge. Caroline made me more self-aware, and this analysis you do internally just really makes you a better, stronger person." -Andrew W.

“What a gift Caroline has been in my life and in this world. I’ve been unbelievably blessed to have her help’s honestly unreal. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky to work with her. Her style is perfect for me.” Sarah H.

“I was feeling isolated, misunderstood and lost in my social life, and I really needed to get my relationship with myself strong first so I could make my relationships with other people strong as well. Caroline showed me how I don’t have to take things personally anymore. Learning this freed me to take some social and educational risks I wouldn’t have done before working with her, and now I feel like I can honestly handle any challenge that comes my way.  I really enjoyed working with her because I felt like she genuinely cares about me.” -Devan R.

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